i am the go to person,
I show you my art, look at it and you will find ‘it’ in your heart
beyond the surface and the layers at first sight
there is more to explore and find what the first ones hide
find the meaning in your heart,
it’s there where recognition can start

I am the go to person,
The one who offers you a new perspective,
when you open the windows of your heart, there can be a new start
My art is the key to open up what you closed down
Hidden thoughts or sacred ones on display
And when you find your way
You recognize what you did before and smile
Seeing the things you forgot for a while

I am the go to person,
The one who reveals upsets and joy, cutting it out of paper
Scraping the layers of misbeliefs and showing the light beyond
Let it surprise you, being touched by art
so you remember to contact your inner layers and find the light within.
And that is all about playing your part.

Contact with client and artist.

After our meeting and the personal conversation (an hour) I am going to work in my studio. I make a handcut paper artwork, about 30×30 cm. I send it by mail. It takes about 2 weeks (at this moment) to make it. The price starts with 500,-euro  excl. postage and package costs.

How would it feel to have a work of art specially made for you?
A papercut that imagines a special moment in your life.

  • a transition to a new phase in your life
  • a reminder to an insight you’ve had
  • to remind yourself who / what you Really are
  • to celebrate something you are proud of
  • to finish a period in your life that was maybe sad/ difficult
    (sickness, divorce)
  • a special gift for a special person/ occasion

What can I offer you? I can make an artwork (papercut)  in which  I represent your essence. This happens intuitive after a conversation we have together. The artwork is as a mirror which reflects what is essential of you. Maybe your heartsdesire , your strenghts, something specially you. It connects you with what you want to remember.

You are a persistant go-getter, you have had sad moments in your life and happy moments. When you are busy with your work and private life you find it hard to create moments of rest, moments of silence. That is why you give this papercut artwork to yourself. As a gift to yourself, a reminder.

order here an artwork specially made for you

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