This afternoon I spend with my knees on the ground, devoted to making a soulart work. I had the intention set on finding more clarity about boundaries.

In the Netherlands we are advised to work at home. Fortunately not a total lockdown situation. The cinema’s and libraries and universities and workspaces are closed. During this period we all work and live and make sounds in a small space called living room. There are space boundaries (like the 1,5 metre precaution) and invisible boundaries (like having respect for eachother) to be considered.

So….I placed a big paper on the ground, and hold a pencil in my hand. What body position do I associate with boundaries…I drew it. A locked down person. What symbol can I use as boundaries?
I drew it. And where is my pain? I have to feel it and ‘look’ at it (= drawing process ) .

I am not so much thinking during the creative process as I describe it here. It is more following the unconscious and finding a path to express itself. Using my creativity is a perfect way to get more clarity.

When the drawing is on the paper I look at it and start a Q&A with Spirit/ Soul. That is a very interesting process. And after allowing myself to make another drawing, this one shows a release of being stuck and gives me a feeling of more freedom. I love this ! It makes me happy! Thank you Spirit for this connection with creativity! Thank you for the insights this Soulart journey showed me. This was a perfect way to spend my afternoon.